Merrychef Mealstream 402s

Commercial Combination Oven

 Mealsteam 402S

The Mealstream 402S has a combination of convection heat, impingement pressure and up to 1500 watts of microwave power allows the 402S to cook 10-15 times faster than conventional convection ovens with typical cook times of 15 seconds to one minute 30 seconds.  And, a built-in catalytic converter eliminates the need for a ventilation hood so the oven can operate in virtually any environment.

The heating pattern inside the oven minimizes the areas where grease can build-up, allowing food to cook evenly to produce a crisp, golden finish.  With the unique Merrychef design, the Merrychef 402S can use standard metal baking sheets, eliminating the need for special cookware and handling.

The 402S comes with the trademark Merrychef MenuKey� technology as standard.  Precise instructions for combination and convection cooking of selected items may be programmed into the oven�s memory.  The oven controls offer even greater flexibility with multi-stage programming.  Each program offers up to eight stages, each with its own time, fan speed and microwave power settings.

Parts & Labour Warranty   1 Year
Microwave Power Output   1500 Watts
Convection Element Power   3250 Watt
Convection Temp Range   100�C - 275�C in 1�C steps
External Dimensions   W586 H586 D762
Internal Dimensions   W370 H118 D310
Power Requirements   30 Amp
Controls   Touch Pad
Weight   90Kg
Finish   Stainless Steel
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Varible High speed convection fan, controllable between 10-100% in 5% steps

  • Up to 15X Faster
  • Microwave-accelerated high-speed impinged hot air oven; cooks up to 125 faster than conventional convection ovens
  • Menu Key���?
  • Menu Key���? is standard, which allows you to program up to 500 menu items
  • Ventless Cooking
  • Offers full "ventless cooking" capability through built-in catalytic converter with full protein capability; requires no ventilation hood!
  • Uses Metal Cookware
  • Merrychef technology allows use of metal cookware in this oven even when microwaves are used. Save money and time by using your existing cookware.
  • Touch Panel Controls
  • Access menu items directly from the control panel for fast, easy operation. Customizeable with icons and graphics.
  • Compact
  • Countertop size allows you to locate the oven virtually anywhere
  • Removable top and bottom impinger plates for convection-only applications


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