Teikos TS601 Commercial Dishwasher

Teikos TS601 Commercial Dishwashers

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The double skinned Teikos TS601 commercial dishwasher is constructed from entirely from stainless steel. The double skin cabinet on this dishwasher creates a thermal wall which reduces heat loss saving you energy & money and lessens operational noise. The Teikos TS601 commercial dishwasher is designed for heavy duty use in the busiest of commercial kitchens. A high quality of build with removable stainless steel wash & rinse arms ensuring thorough cleaning time after time. The Teikos TS601 commercial dishwasher has a selectable 2, 3 & 5 minute wash cycle time which allows you choose the cycle time to suit the load (i.e. lightly or heavily soiled plates etc.) Automatic detergent & rinse injector pumps are fitted to this dishwasher as standard which means the detergent & rinse aid chemicals are automatically dosed into the dishwashing machine, all you have to do is make sure the bottles are kept topped up. It is always wise to check the diameter of your plates before you buy a new dishwasher. The Teikos TS601 dishwasher takes dishes with a diameter up to 330mm. During one complete wash cycle this commercial dishwashing machine uses about 2 litres of water making the electrical & water consumption very economical. Please phone or email for any further information, we are always happy to help, contact details below.

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Teikos TS601 commercial dishwashers machine

Adjustable 2, 3 or 5 Minute Wash Cycle

"Rinse Now" System

Hot or Cold Fill

Adjustable Wash & Rinse tank thermostats

Double Skinned Cabinet & Door creates a thermal wall which reduces heat loss and lessens noise during operation

Automatic Detergent & Rinse Aid Injectors

Can to a Standard 13 Amp Plug socket


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commercial dishwashers Teikos TS601 commercial dishwashers commercial dishwashers
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Commercial Dishwasher

With Auto Detergent & Rinse Aid Injector Pumps

Warranty   1 year
Basket dimensions   500 x 500mm
External dimensions   W600 x D600 x H820mm
Depth with door open    
Wash chamber height   330 mm
Wash cycle time   2, 3 & 5 minutes
Power requirements   13 Amp3.3Kw or 6.8kw 30 Amp 1 phase
Finish   All stainless steel
Water Consumption (per cycle)   2 - 2.5 Litres
Price With Drain Pump, 13 amp ONLY £1139 - Parts only warranty (?)
  Price With Drain Pump, 13 amp
Price With Drain Pump, 30 amp   ONLY £1219   - Parts only warranty (?)
Parts & labour warranty options avalible

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Installing the the Teikos TS601 commercial dishwasher is fairly straight forward. It connects to the same connections as a standard domestic dishwasher, which involves connecting the water inlet pipe, waste pipe and a standard 13 amp pug top. The only real connection difference between this commercial dishwasher & a domestic dishwashers is that it uses liquid detergent & rinse aid instead of standard dishwasher tablets or dishwasher powder that you may use in a domestic dishwasher. The liquid dishwash detergent & rinse aid chemicals are automatically injected into the dishwasher, the chemicals come in 5 litre containers, so you will need space to store these somewhere within 1 metre of the dishwasher

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