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The Prodis E80X commercial dishwasher is constructed in stainless steel. Its fitted with primary & stainless steel secondary wash filters to protect the wash pump from damage. The Prodis E80X dishwasher has an adjustable 2 and 4 minute wash cycle and can be configured to run on a 13, 20 or 30 amp power supply. The Prodis E80X dishwasher also has an optional drain pump (Prodis E80XD model)

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prodis e80xdp commercial dishwashers

Stainless Steel Secondary Filters

Timed Detergent Injector

Timed Rinse Aid Injector

Wash & Rinse Elements

Optional 13, 20 or 30 Amp Supply

Prodis E80X Commercial Dishwasher E80XDP

Lease Purchase from £8.75 a Week

Warranty   2 year
Basket dimensions   500 x 500mm
External dimensions   W550 D600 H835
Wash cycle time   4 Minutes
Power requirements   6kw max
Finish   All Stainless Steel
Price Gravity Waste   check for latest price - Parts only warranty - Prodis E80XD
Price Gravity Waste   check for latest price - Parts & labour warranty - Prodis E80XD
Price Pumped Waste   check for latest price - Parts only warranty - Prodis E80XDP
Price Pumped Waste   check for latest price - Parts & labour  warranty - Prodis E80XDP
Stand   £65
External 12 litre water softener   £65

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