How a Chocolate Fountain works

Most of our Chocolate Fountains are made of three parts. There's a base unit containing the heater and motor, a spiral drive and a tier system.

You prepare the chocolate separately by melting it in a microwave or on the hob over a low heat. You then pour it into the bowl in the base unit. The spiral drive draws the warm chocolate up to the top of the tier system - and then the enticing cascade starts to flow over the tiers with its irresistible warm chocolate aroma. It pours back into the bowl and then starts its journey all over again.

Once the chocolate is in full flow, everyone can start to dip the food of their choice - anything from exotic fruits and profiteroles to marshmallows and biscuits. And remember the Fountain works equally well with sauces other than chocolate, including savoury ones. For something completely different try a warm fruit coulis or a cheese, barbecue or sweet chilli sauce.

How to set up and use one of our Table Fountains

Fit the spiral drive to the centre of the base bowl. Make sure itís firmly locked in position. Slip the tier system over the spiral drive and lock it in position. Add the melted chocolate to the base unit.

How a chocolate fountain works