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Slush drinks machines can offer high profits. Our slush drinks machines are attractive and appealing, They deliver a perfect ice drink on even the hottest of days. They can also be used as a cold drink dispenser. We import machines direct, so we can offer you fantastic prices.  I've heard them described as frozen beverage machine, margarita dispenser machine, frozen drink machine, slush puppy machine, smoothie machine, frozen beverage dispenser, granita machines, ice drink machine, frozen drink machine, cold fruit drinks machine slush drinks machines and slushee maker



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2016 sees the launch of our New Italian made Cofrimell Slush machines.

The Cofrimell slush machines are exremely reliable and well built

We believe they are the best slush machines in the UK at a very competitive price


slush machine 2 tank Cofrimell 3 bowl slush machine
Cofrimell Oasis 2 Bowl Slush Machine Cofrimell Oasis Triple Bowl Slush Drinks Machine


Some of the great features in the Cofrimell slush machine 

Cofrimell sush drinks machines





Previous models

Our Chinese slush machines from 2015 are no more, now replaced with new range of Cofrimell range slush machines

single tap slush puppy drinks machine double bowl slush drinks machine triple bowl slush machine
Easicook Single Tap Slush Machine Easicook Double Tap Slush Drinks Machine Easicook Triple Tap Slush Drinks Machine




slush puupy machine

double bowl slush drinks machine

triple bowl slush drinks machines width=

HT1ML Slush Machine HT2ML Slush Drinks Machine HT3ML Slush Drinks Machines


cold drinks machine slush drink machine slush drinks machine
Faby One Slush Mahine Faby Two Slush Drinks Machine Faby Three Slush Drinks Machines

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